Directi Harga Domain Naik Lagi…

Pagi ini saya dapat kabar dari Directi bahwa harga domain mulai per 30 September 2008 akan naik dan sebagai shock terapinya dalam 2 minggu setiap reseller mendapat harga $7.69 untuk Registrasi, Perbaruan dan Transfer.
Wah… wah… wah….
Kira-kira imbas kenaikan ini pada pebisnis domain reseller gimana ya? Berpindah ke lain hati? mengingat kabar ini hanya dari Directi saja sedangkan registrar lainnya belum ada kabar untuk kenaikan harga ini. kebetulan kami pakai 3 jenis registrar. Australian Style, Mindgenie dan terakhir Directi
Ini nih kabar dari Directi :
Dear Reseller,

Due to a price hike by several gTLD Registries, ResellerClub introduces a new and simple pricing structure for domain names; which not only gives you the existing competitive edge, but also introduces a host of unparalleled value added services (with every domain). Our model focuses on customer retention, target market expansion, advantage over competitors besides others; through constant product upgrade cycles, additional product offering, and of course a new pricing structure.

This mail contains information on:

New value-added Services with Domain Names (soon to be launched)

The Registry price hike will also result in an increase in our pricing; however, we will also soon be introducing a range of exciting value added services completely FREE with every domain name registered or transferred-in to ResellerClub.

  • FREE Business Mail: Free Business mail with POP/SMTP access.
  • FREE Privacy Protect (already available): Keep spammers and hackers at bay with the completely free privacy protect option.
  • FREE Managed DNS: A comprehensive DNS Management solution for you, your Customers and your Resellers.
  • FREE Domain Forwarding: Unlimited forwards, URL masking and wild carded forwarding.

We will be announcing our release dates for these free services very soon.

New gTLD Pricing

To accommodate the Registry price hike, we will be adjusting our Slab Pricing for gTLDs effective Tuesday, September 30th, 2008.

As part of our new business model, the entire ResellerClub Slab based Pricing Structure will be revamped. Earlier, our pricing structure consisted of 6 slabs; we will now be moving to 4 slabs, where the best pricing will be directly available on the fourth slab itself.

gTLD Base Slab Slab 1 Slab 2 Slab 3
.COM 9.49 8.89 8.39 7.89
.NET 9.49 8.89 8.39 7.89
.ORG 9.49 8.89 8.39 7.89
.INFO 9.49 8.89 8.39 7.89
.BIZ 9.49 8.89 8.39 7.89
.NAME 9.49 8.89 8.39 7.89
  • All prices above are in USD
  • The above prices are applicable for New Registrations, Renewals and Transfer-Ins

New ccTLD Pricing

We will also be revamping our ccTLD pricing and moving to a single slab for all ccTLDs. Having said that, we will ensure that you are not affected in a negative manner by this change. Hence, if you were receiving a better pricing than the one we announce for a ccTLD, then you will continue to avail of that pricing. Stay tuned for further updates.

‘Introductory Best Slab Pricing’ Offer

After the price change beginning September 30, 2008; for a duration of 2 weeks, every Reseller will avail of Domain Registrations, Renewals and Transfer-Ins at just $7.69 for all the gTLDs mentioned above.

Product Upgrade and Pipeline Releases

Some of the features / upgrades that our Development team is currently working on:

Enhanced DNS – Our new DNS software (developed by industry leaders Power DNS) gives your customers increased response time, higher efficiency and stability.

Upgrading the API – Standard complaint, stable workflows, scalable and a lot simpler; and of course with revamped documentation.

Increased ccTLD Integration – After the demand and success of .ASIA and .ME, we shall be incorporating additional ccTLDs’ into our System for a more complete Product Suite. Expect more updates on this soon.

Interface Revamp – With the completion of phase one (SuperSite and PartnerSite Admin Areas) phase two is now in progress. Feedback on our live environments is encouraged and always welcome.

ResellerClub Resource Center

As promised ResellerClub has always provided you with Sales and Marketing Material. Now, launching in the next few days, a ResellerClub Project that gives all our Resellers instant online access to all our marketing material which includes branding documents, banners, mailer content on all Products & Services and much more.

You will now get access to everything (archived as well as fresh material) you need to make that sale.

Please feel free to get in touch with me for absolutely any questions or feedback that you may have.

Team ResellerClub

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